2022 fiscal year: Record operating profit for Audi

• CEO Markus Duesmann: “Our strategy for sustainability, digitalization, and electrification provides the right answers, even in times of multiple crises”

• CFO Jürgen Rittersberger: “The company demonstrated great financial strength in 2022 despite challenging global conditions”

• Revenue increases to €61.8 billion, operating profit to €7.6 billion; high net cash flow of €4.8 billion

The Audi Group closed the 2022 fiscal year with a record result in a year when the company continued its path toward becoming a leading provider of connected, fully electric premium mobility. Revenue rose 16.4 percent to a record €61.8 billion while operating profit climbed nearly 40 percent to an all-time high of €7.6 billion. The operating margin rose from last year’s 10.4 percent to 12.2 percent, and net cash flow reached €4.8 billion, the second-highest figure in the company’s history. Key drivers of this year’s strong financial performance included consistent crisis management in a year marked by overlapping global challenges, a good price position, and strong results from the Bentley, Lamborghini, and Ducati brands. 2022 also saw a sharp increase in the number of fully electric models delivered.

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