Sharjah Performing Arts Academy

hosts electrifying invite only industry performance of Disconnect

As their first performance of the year, SPAA’s dance programme students showcased a captivating performance of Disconnect for industry leaders and professionals

United Arab Emirates, Sharjah – 06 February 2023:  Sharjah Performing Arts Academy (SPAA) a world-class performing arts powerhouse, hosted  an exhilarating performance of Disconnect, showcased by their talented Dance Diploma students.


The show was an entertaining evening of performance, combining neo-classical dance with broadway, jazz and unique contemporary dance styles, displaying the team’s dynamic physical ability and vast creative talent. Audiences were captivated by the unique shapes, colours and movements that explored three  different world’s  disconnected. 


The show was split into three parts, ‘Superkaleider’, ‘The Dark Side’ and ‘I Gotcha!’. Kicking off with ‘Superkaleider’, the dancers transported invitees through the organic systems and structures which make up our world, brought to life by the skilled dancers coming together to showcase the complex relationships which allow these entites to flourish through movement. After this, ‘The Dark Side’ inspired by Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet’s “Landfall”, told the story of Anderson’s experience with the devastating Hurricane Sandy, as dancers used their bodies to move audiences through feelings of loss and explore how human memory can overcome catastrophe. The final dance was a celebration of the iconic choreography of Bob Fosse, with ‘I Gotcha!’, ending the show on a high with the sass and attitude of the brass orchestra and empowering, explosive routines as a lively, unapologetic ode to American Jazz.


Artistic Director of the show and Programme Leader of SPAA’s Dance Diploma, Alex Jessopp, states: “I am continually fascinated and challenged by the daily exploration of performing arts within the intersectional, multicultural and beautiful environment that is SPAA, and how our respective art forms interact to communicate our stories, and articulate our human experience. Yet within the complex discoveries we continue to make in this Academy, dance remains for me the purest expression of emotional energy that is not bound by a language structure or any other restrictive force. We can connect as one, from a common place, in a shared experience that is meaningful for all.”


The show took place from 4th-5th February 2023 for industry invitees.

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