Dubai residents and visitors can kickstart the new year with healthy vegan offerings at Open Sesame social eatery. Located in Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown, Open Sesame serves vegan and plant-based options to guests looking to embrace a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle. Designed to immerse guests in the local cultural surroundings of Dubai, the restaurant focuses on locally sourced produce using traditional cooking techniques. Inspired by Mediterranean cuisine the menu features bright and colourful ingredients that are crafted by expert chefs.


A vibrant blend of sophisticated Arabic aesthetics with a contemporary flair, Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown immerses guests into the world of a boutique hotel influenced by local heritage. The property is home to 200 art and design objects created by local and international artists that also make an appearance at Open Sesame. Guests are welcomed to the restaurant by a luxurious arch at the entrance designed by world-famous French fashion designer Christian Lacroix.  Curated by the hotel’s in-house Art Manager, the restaurant features work from Dubai-based photographer and artist Marta Lamovsek.  Her mesmerising collection of 14 portraits called “Home is Feeling” is a permanent treat for guests to engage with and observe while they dine.


Guests can take a culinary journey into the tantalising vegan options at Open Sesame, from tempting starters to delicate desserts. Guests can discover the delightfully crisp and light fennel and apple salad bejewelled with contrasting pomegranate seeds and micro greens. For anyone looking for a hearty dish look no further than the vegan polenta; cooked to perfection this dish is true comfort in a bowl and topped with slightly charred broccoli, tomatoes and freshly made pesto. Finish your meal with a sweet and indulgent vegan chocolate cake made with a rich coconut milk mousse drizzled with a decadent chocolate sauce, coconut jelly swirl with dates, chocolate tuile and contrasting tart wild berries.

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