The unique one-of-a-kind collection infuses Arabesque styles with contemporary elegance

Award-winning home-grown brand La Marquise, known for transforming precious stones into spectacular pieces of fine jewellery, has launched a fine selection of its most loved Imperia High Jewellery Collection for the auspicious month of Ramadan. The enthralling collection is a celebration of spectacular-coloured gemstones and exquisite craftsmanship embellished in 18K Gold, Diamonds and Gemstones, that are the perfect addition to your loved one’s jewellery collection this Ramadan.

With the Holy Month of Ramadan upon us, La Marquise will showcase luminous jewellery and new additions from their much adored and prestigious Imperia© High Jewellery, Imperia Petite© Zinara© Collection and Imperia© Tassel Necklaces. As an ode to this special month, the Ramadan campaign features the new collection styled with abayas and kaftans to reflect the aspirational connect with each unique piece of jewellery. The vibrancy of each piece is brought to life with the use hand-cut and hand polished gemstones by the brand’s in-house acclaimed artisans. As Ramadan is the season of giving, La Marquise offers the perfect gift whether you’re looking to dress yourself in diamonds or give something golden to your loved ones. Most pieces within this collection are one-of-one’s and are available across its boutiques in the UAE. If you’re looking to shop virtually, La Marquise also offers private online consultations allowing you to conveniently explore the radiant collection from the comfort of your own home to help you put together the ultimate Eid ensemble this season.

A true spectacle, each piece from the Imperia© High Jewellery collection requires 6-8 months to be developed using rare and colourful gemstones of the highest quality with diamonds in an intricate setting. The 30 new pieces launching this Ramadan have been handcrafted by the brand’s highest skilled artisans to perfection. Long tassle necklaces are a winner with women for Iftar and Suhoor gatherings paired with classy traditional as well as modern attires. The art of stringing pearls and gemstones is elevated in these high-quality tassel necklaces, showcasing the beauty of fine craftsmanship and expert design. The gemstones used are hand- picked and go through a stringent selection process.

A special launch this Ramadan, introducing Imperia Petite© Zinara© Collection, a glamorous collection combining modesty and sophisticated elegance. The collection is inspired by the beauty of the domes and its significance to Islamic culture. The harmonious blend of diamonds and precious gemstones in each piece will leave you in awe with its rare beauty.

Dazzle every Iftar with elegant colourful necklaces made from the finest Pearls, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires and carefully strung tassels made with radiant gold and precious gemstones handcrafted by La Marquise.

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