The House of Victor Ready to Take Over Dubai Fashion Week

in Dubai Design District For Their Upcoming Fashion Show

Once you get the feel of their designs embodying your inner critique, it’ll be impossible to stay away from them. The House of Victor is all set to electrify the runway for Dubai Fashion Week, cordially inviting you to reserve your spot. The event will be held on March 11, 2023 in Dubai Design District at 6pm in Hall 1. Having maintained their reputation as an entrancing, global powerhouse where unparalleled designs meet chic dynamism with a luxuriant twist, The House of Victor’s fashion show will craft an atmosphere that communicates the brand’s identity and its origins. An all rounder and exclusive brand in luxury fashion for both: Men and Women, with unique, unconventional and daring designs for the unabashed gentleman and the sophisticated woman. The brand’s theme for the show is inspired by the concept of action complementing one’s identity with a slice of mystery. There’s no beginning, there’s no end as it is up for the spectators to decide what their story is going to be.

 A story where everyone is either a protagonist with flaws or a villain with a twist, in their narrative harbouring secrets and perceptions of their own.

A reflected effort has been made to drift away from conventional opulent fabrics, and instead use sustainable, eco-friendlier sourced materials. Reclaimed fabrics entwined with eclectic elements, the House of Victor will offer more than just an experience where spectators will enjoy the spirit of the brand. Be ready to venture into the extraordinary; feel what its like to star in your own dream, transpiring into a reality and surround yourself with charisma and individuality!

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