Up to 50 Victorian companies establish new MENA connections at
Gulfood Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 21 February 2023: Victoria, known as Australia’s largest food and fibre exporter, has returned to participate in Gulfood 2023.

The 28th edition of the world’s largest food and beverage sourcing event is taking place from February 20-24 at Dubai World Trade Centre. 

The Victorian Government has maintained a continual presence at Gulfood, attending each edition in the office’s 25-year history. As the largest Australian state exhibitor, Victoria will see up to 50 businesses attend the show – spanning meat, dairy, coffee, horticulture, gourmet goods, grains, and seafood – of which 14 will be showcasing products on the stand itself in Sheikh Saeed Halls. Thirteen companies will also be exhibiting with Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), and the remainder will be attending as delegates as part of the Victorian Government’s ‘Gulfood Programme’.  

Kassem Younes, General Manager, Middle East, Africa and Türkiye for the State Government of Victoria, said: “Australia, in particular Victoria, has a global reputation as a clean, green, and safe supplier with high-quality biosecurity, reliability standards, and environmental protection efforts.”

“Victoria plays a significant role in supplying quality food and fibre products to the MENA region valued at AUD $1.2 billion, with the United Arab Emirates within Victoria’s top 10 food and fibre export markets. This is largely because of our counter-seasonal, temperate climate, which produces a diverse range of food throughout the year. As a key trading destination, we look forward to showcasing our unique offering at this important annual event.”

Victoria controls 26 per cent of the country’s food and fibre manufacturing and transport industries, exporting the most dairy, horticulture, prepared foods, and animal fibre compared to any other state in Australia. 

Commenting on Victoria’s successful trading history, Danni Jarrett, Chief Executive Officer of Global Victoria, said: “World-class research and development facilities underpin the State of Victoria’s agribusiness and have allowed us to be early adopters of cutting-edge technologies, especially in water management, food manufacturing, and packaging.”

“Victoria is also home to Australia’s biggest curfew-free airport and container port, meaning we have constant access to an exceptional freight and logistics infrastructure. With this foundation firmly established, we have grown to be a key player in food and agriculture exports and are excited to share our products with other global contributors at Gulfood.”

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