An Enchanting Dubai Scene with The CEO of ROSKINO!

The Woman Behind Brining the Russian Film Festival to Dubai

Dubai, 24th Nov 2022

Picture watching sunset with the backdrop of the iconic Burj Al Arab and the mesmerizing Burj Khalifa shimmering like a crown jewel amid the famous Dubai Skyline! The set couldn’t be more enchanting. It was the perfect venue to sit and chat with the CEO of ROSKINO; the entity behind bringing the Russian Film Festival (RFF) to Dubai for the very first time.

Q: Kindly introduce ROSKINO

A: Hello, my name is Inna and I’m the CEO of ROSKINO which is an umbrella brand for all kinds of Russiam content in terms of cinema & animation companies.

ROSKINO’s main role is to promote Russian animation & cinema industry all over the world.

We market our industry partners via B2B & B2C activities; so for instance, this morning we had a B2B event which was received positively based on the preliminary feedback that we received from our participants.

While tomorrow we start a B2C event which is the Russian Film Festival (RFF) where we showcase select Russian movies with local cinema theaters, to Dubai general public for free. Anyone can attend and watch a variety of animation, cartoons or family movies with English and Arabic subtitles while getting to know more about Russian culture in a joyful way.

Q: Any other goals for your visit to Dubai?

A: Yes, our main goal is to attract media content buyers to be displayed on their media outlets, to buy Russian media templates or our cinematic & animation educational programs.

Q: So who would be your ideal partner?

A: ROSKINO is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. So ideally, we would aim to have a tie up with the Ministry of Arts & Culture to gain insight from them on producing the right media content for UAE market; also to collaborate with them on Cinematic events or festivals that might be of an interest to them in Russia

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