Tips for decorating your coffee table

Have you been thinking about upgrading your living space? Well, did you know you can make a huge difference to the look of your living room just by choosing the right coffee table? 

Every home has an ideal coffee table style – minimalist and unassuming, classic and chunky or sleek and contemporary. Whatever you’re looking for, homegrown luxury furnishing brand, Al Huzaifa, presents a selection of coffee tables that fit any home and match any style. Just read through and you’ll find yourself filled with new ideas to choose and decorate your coffee table like the pros! 

Dazzling Ideas to Style Your Coffee Table 

  • Play With Varying Shapes: This all depends on your coffee table shape. If you have a round coffee table, it looks best when items are arranged in a triangular shape. Add a stack of books, a tray , and top it off with a bowl or candle holder. 

Pro tip: Play with geometric shapes when decorating and you’ll be left with the most mesmerising coffee table design

  • Divide: Look at your coffee table as the main surface and start conquering the design by dividing it. Start with dividing your surface into quadrants and display four main items. Add a stack of books, two bowls, and a plant; you’ll thank us later
  • Layers on layers: Here is where your inner interior designer passion comes out, add your personal touch to the coffee table. Vases, candle holders, or heirloom objects will give your surface a more dynamic and interesting feel.
  • Light it up: Keep those candles and diffusers on display so that you’re ready to make your home a fragrance filled haven at any time. Don’t feel like you have to stop at just one candle either, feel free to set out an entire collection so that there’s always some variety.

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