Glow Hub Skincare Brand Arrives in the UAE – Ready to Nourish, Brighten and Hydrate

Another exciting skincare brand has launched in the UAE and is ready to be in the hands ofcustomers passionate about all thing’s beauty and skincare!Introducing Glow Hub, the vegan, cruelty free and dermatologically tested skincare brand which has finally graced the UAE with its presence. With its adorable and catchy packaging, the brand is perfect for those searching for products that won’t only light up their Instagram feeds, but which worksfor the skin too. The brand provides every product under the sunincluding moisturisers, serums, masks and cleansers, to acids, toners and SPF products, catering to all skincare types, their needs, and requirements. Designed to prevent and treat what is already there, rather than covering up, Glow Hub’s range blends natural actives combined with gentle science, working hard on the skin without damaging it. 

Glow Hub makes lives easier by providing colour coded and well thought out skincare routines, that are easy to mix and match according to the skincare type of each customer. This eliminatesthe stress and overwhelming aspect of skincare routines that can often feel more like an inconvenience rather than a treat. Glow Hub’s range keeps skincare interesting and fun, with their products surprising textures and innovative formats, helping achieve that happy and healthy skin everyone so desires. Whether the skin needs help with rehydration, irritation or breakouts, Glow Hub’s extensive line has you covered!

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