B018.DXB launches a bangin’ new Ladies’ Night

“Tropical Hangout” offers up UNLIMITED complimentary drinks from 10pm-1am every Thursday in The Tropical Room

Dubai, August 2022: Dubai is a city that is replete with ladies’ nights, but then one comes along that blows the roof of this social institution. B018.DXB, the clubbing powerhouse imported from Beirut (and we all know the Lebanese know how to party) has launched a brilliant new Ladies’ Night, with Tropical Hangout happening every Thursday from 10pm until 1am.


Taking place in Tropical Room at BO18.DXB, we love that Tropical Hangout is on a Thursday, because that’s practically the weekend, right! Ladies are invited to indulge in 3 full hours of complementary drinks (wine & spirits) in the coolest spot in town, that boasts a seriously moody aesthetic and amazing views of the city below. Did we mention we are 42 floors up! 


Guests will be taken on a trip down memory lane, with a bussin’ catalogue full of retro 80’s hits. Trust us, this will be a night full of dancing and special “OMG I love this song” moments. 


Tropical Hangout- New Ladies Night 

What: Unlimited complimentary drinks (wine & spirits) for ladies at a “Tropical Hangout” 

When: Every Thursday |10pm – 1am (Tropical Room is open from 6pm till late)

Where: Tropical Room @BO18.DXB, Media One Hotel

Music: Organic House/Groovy/ Happy Music

Dress code: Casual

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