Re-introducing Lamise Beauty

authentic Skincare and Beauty from Seoul to Dubai.

A one-stop shop for all women who hail Korean Skincare and Beauty

“When I was young, I used to hide my flaws with makeup but I realized that maintaining a healthy skin was the foundation to look beautiful.

Since, I have been continuously researching and learning to become more aware of taking care of my inner and outer beauty.

Living in Korea, I have had the opportunity to meet the makers and to test the quality of the products.”

– Kate Wooyeon Park, Founder of Lamise Beauty

Dubai, 29th August 2022 – Lamise Beauty is an authentic Korean Skincare and Beauty store nestled in good company (1004 Gourmet and Kaffe Bloom) in Onyx Tower, Dubai.

The quaint space is Dubai’s ultimate hidden gem to purchase high quality products that target a wide audience seeking skin solutions carefully handpicked by the founder, Kate Wooyeon Park.

‘Lamise’ meaning ‘soft touch’ in Arabic houses multiple brands from South Korea such as Cosrx, Luna, F. Flow and Huxley to name a few.

Korean skincare is a timeless routine loved by women in Dubai due to the weather conditions we spend the most amount of time in – indoors with plenty of access to the sun.

Whether it’s skin dehydration, damages and pigmentations from the sun or different forms of acne, Lamise provides solutions for all with its wide range of offerings.

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