Business Plans for BRW Society

Laura Manning, the founder of BRW Society, a locally based tea brand on a mission to get the UAE drinking better quality tea!  She passionately believes every single cuppa counts so why settle?!

BRW Society’s revenue is set to quadruple this year compared to the previous twelve months.The business has experienced exponential growth through securing successful retail listings at Spinneys, Waitrose, Kibsons, Grandiose, Geant and Carrefour, plus working with big online household names such as Namshi, Noon and Amazon.  Securing these accounts has meant the business is experiencing a 403% growth on last year.

Laura along with the BRW Society team is changing the perception of tea in the region with colourful, innovative and adventurous tea mixology. 

BRW Society takes pride in sourcing the most exciting natural flavours from around the globe and blending them into surprising and delightful combinations you can’t find from any other brand in the UAE.  And this is proving popular.

Next, the business is targeting the hospitality sector in the UAE.  BRW Society has employed a new Business Development Manager to grow and nurture key accounts in this sector.  Unlike grocery or restaurant exclusive brands, BRW Society wants to be available in both.  So that tea lovers can enjoy high quality products both at home or while they are out at one of our cafe partners. 

They are also working hard to grow online sales via their website, currently see a 31.43% returning customer rate. They target both male and female tea drinkers – the business has a 50/50 split in customer profile.  Everyone can benefit from tea – each cup is a chance to rejuvenate your spirit by pausing to connect with yourself and those around you. 

Expand into neighboring countries particularly Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. They have a product collection of 22 plastic free teabags and 45 loose leaf teas, the business will continue to grow the range, adding new products every month, along with seasonal tea blends.

They were elated to announce the successful completion of a funding round in July 2021.  The money raised is helping BRW Society expand operations and grow the team so that we can onboard additional talent to fulfil their aggressive growth plans for the upcoming year. Additionally, the company also plans to add more innovative flavours to cater to the changing demands of tea connoisseurs. Last but not the least, the funding will help BRW Society build their online community, putting them on the map in the region via a solid digital innovation strategy. 

The tea industry in the UAE and wider GCC is very exciting. Regional consumers no longer want to drink tea made with something that looks like dust particles. BRW Society products are perfect for those looking for individual flavours from a healthy, delicious product that is beautifully presented and demonstrates a passion for sustainability.

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