The Washing Machine Mistakes We’ve All Been Making with our Activewear

By Deyan Dimitrov, CEO, Laundryheap

The modern-day laundry process has come a long way from the days of hand scrubbing,     using washboards and clothes wringers.

While washing clothes might seem as straightforward as placing them into a machine, when it comes to activewear, we need to provide a little more care to ensure they are working at peak performance when you are doing a workout. 

As laundry experts, we are sharing some washing machine mistakes you might have been making – and how to prevent them.

1. The inside out technique

Turning your clothes inside out before putting them into the machine makes a significant difference as it ensures the outer layer isn’t being rubbed against by other items in the washing machine. This is especially important for high-performance activewear, which tends to have a water-repellent coating that is easily worn down.

Better yet, opt for a netted laundry bag to keep your activewear away from the rest of your laundry in the machine. As a general rule of thumb, washing clothes inside out can drastically increase the shelf life of your wardrobe, so it’d be wise to practice this step when washing any load.

2. Avoid detergent overload

There’s a common misconception that using more detergent will boost the efficiency of the wash cycle, when in fact the opposite is true, especially when it comes to activewear, as it tends to be made from moisture-wicking synthetic materials, which works well to shield off sweat and keep us cool during exercise. 

However, using too much detergent will create an excess of soap suds which traps dirt, bacteria, and odour, instead of lifting them away, meaning your workout clothes may still smell even after washing. Instead, try a sportswear-specific laundry detergent that’s designed to clean moisture-wicking synthetic – in appropriate measured doses, of course.


3. Skip the fabric softener on activewear

Fabric softeners work by leaving a waxy coating on our clothes, to make them feel softer. When this is left on activewear, it inhibits its ability to ward off moisture, and instead, traps it there.

To avoid this, skip the fabric softener entirely, or opt for a natural alternative by pouring half a cup of white vinegar into the drawer of your washing machine during the final rinse cycle. You won’t need to worry about the smell as this will dissipate in the machine.

4. Keep it cool

Heat can damage the elasticity of our clothes, so despite how dirty your activewear may     get, always wash at the lowest temperature possible. Purchasing a trusted and effective detergent will ensure your activewear always comes out of the machine as clean as possible – even after washing at 30 degrees.Not to mention, avoid tumble drying when it comes to work out clothes and allow them to air dry instead.


5. Add an odor eliminator 

It is no secret that activewear can carry more unwanted odors. While this means you have probably had a hard workout, it can be unpleasant and difficult to completely eliminate the odors. When all else fails, you can always count on a good odor eliminator to keep your gym gear smelling fresh for longer. Even better, opt for an odor eliminator using organic, plant-based enzymes and other formulas, as these detergents dissolve sweat, body oils and odor-causing bacteria. If you’d like to opt for a more natural solution, add a half-cup of white vinegar to your wash’s rinse cycle.

Avoiding these mistakes should hopefully keep your gym clothing, as well as other washable items, feeling brand new for longer – and of course, optimally clean. After all, our washing machines hold supreme importance in our lives so make sure you are using it correctly and your clothes will definitely thankyou!

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