German Diversity a Big Hit with GCC Travellers

Regional interest in Germany on the rise as overnight stays from GCC up by 29.6 per cent

Berlin’s newly opened Humboldt Fort and New National Gallery offer fresh cultural experiences

Dubai, UAE – December 12, 2021 – Germany’sdiverse mix of cultural, naturistic, and family-focused leisure attractions are proving to be a big hit with GCC tourists, with the European country recording a rise from the region for the first nine months of 2021.

Overnight stays in Germany by visitors from the GCC are up 29.6 per cent year-on-year, as of September2021, with travellers rating overall satisfaction, choice and quality, accommodation, and opening times as the highest rated fulfilment factors in the Quality Monitor survey for the German tourism industry.

“Campaigns that have seen success this year and will continue through to 2022 include German.Local.Culture which saw a keen focus on Germany’s wealth of authentic cultural experiences, as well as the FEEL GOOD campaign which highlights the sustainable tourism offerings we have. The new 2022 campaign Embrace German Nature will round up our campaigns and showcases Germany’s recreation and nature in all its facets” said Yamina Sofo, Director of Sales and Marketing of the German National Tourist Office. “Our global 2021 campaigns were attractive to our GCC travellers as they tend to search for cultural experiences that offer them an insight into different countries, as well as the increased interest in sustainability and being one with nature.”

The country, including Berlin, has this year opened several key attractions, adding to its attraction for GCC visitors, a travel segment which is likely to continue a steady upward trajectory for the German capital.

Humboldt Fort has recently opened its doors as an all-new culture, art, and science hub for curious minds of all ages. Spanning five floors, the fort includes space dedicated to connections with cultures across the world, an ideas centre, a look back at 800 years’ worth of German history, as well as an Ethnological Museum and Asian Art Museum collections.

The New National Gallery also opened at the Kulturforum following a complete modernisation of the space. Displaying 20th century masterpieces, the gallery frequently displays new collections enabling visitors to experiences something new each time. From Cubism to Surrealism, the gallery is home to work from the likes of Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, and more. 

Considered as a city dedicated to freedom and unity, Berlin has also recently announced The House of One – a major new project and place for three major religions, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism to gather, respect each other’s faiths and enjoy peaceful relations. The House of One is set to launch in 2024/25.

The German city is already working on attracting GCC tourists for the 2022 summer with a series of events, including the Carnival of Cultures, which sees dance, music and rituals come together in a celebration ofcultural diversity from 3-6 June, 2022. The Classic Open Air Festival, at the stunning Gendarmenmarkt,will feature music spanning a host of genres, from, rock to pop and jazz – and is a key date in Berlin’s calendar. The 2022 edition will take place between 7-22 July. Runners keen to enjoy beautiful scenery over 42 km can join the Berlin Marathon from 23-25 September, with the race setting its sights on being an event that embodies cosmopolitanism, tolerance, and acceptance.

The German Federal Government recently announced the easing of COVID-19 travel restrictions for alltravellers aged 12 years and above, regardless of individual vaccination status. The announcement ensures visitors from Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates can enter the country with a negative COVID-19 test taken 72 hours before travel. As of November, vaccinated travellers from Germany into the UAE do not need a PCR test. 

The EU issues and updates its travel recommendations to member states regularly. The safe list is reviewed and revised every two weeks by the EU authorities and members states. 

For full entry requirements to Germany, visitors are advised to refer to

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