WatchBox Announces Participation in the Fifth Edition of Dubai Watch Week

The world’s leading platform for collectible luxury timepieces to join the global watch community in Dubai with a dedicated WatchBox Lounge and WatchBox Studio; plus programming, events, and horological activations

WatchBox, the world’s leading platform for collectible luxury timepieces, will join the global watch community in Dubai for the fifth edition of Dubai Watch Week, with a dedicated environment and robust calendar of events and activations from November 24 – 28, 2021.

Guests of Dubai Watch Week will be welcomed into a dedicated WatchBox lounge, positioned adjacent to the main brand exhibition hall, where they will explore a curated selection of collectible timepieces from WatchBox’s global inventory. The company’s expert advisors will be onsite to discuss the thriving state of the luxury watch market, and introduce visitors to WatchBox’s culture of collecting, product quality standards, breadth of inventory, personalized services, and more. Each day, WatchBox will shine a spotlight on a unique inventory pillar, inviting guests to fully immerse themselves in the WatchBox experience. Hospitality will be top of mind throughout the week, as guests will come together each evening in the WatchBox lounge to toast the global watch community and delight for Dubai Watch Week 2021.

WatchBox will also present a pop-up WatchBox Studio upon the occasion of Dubai Watch Week, where the cameras will be rolling all week long. Tim Mosso, WatchBox’s Director of Media, will be joined by the heads of the company’s creative studio and subject matter experts from across the WatchBox team to create original content, conduct interviews with leading watchmakers, collectors, industry executives, and guests of Dubai Watch Week. The company will introduce new programming and content initiatives, including Open Studio Hours, during which guests will be invited to share quick quips on camera and take part in a dialogue initiated across WatchBox’s social channels.

Danny Govberg, WatchBox co-founder and Executive Chairman, will take part in the Horology Forum, a signature program of Dubai Watch Week, as part of a panel moderated by Nicholas Foulkes entitled “I love my Patek, what does it do?” Alongside fellow speakers Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi and Ali Nael, Danny will engage in a session investigating stigmas and knowledge when it comes to collector credibility. WatchBox will also host a Creative Hub session on Sunday, November 28, exploring evolving approaches to collectability in 2021. Market value, encyclopedic knowledge, mono-brand scholarship, intangible intrigue, and a shared obsession with these mechanical works of art will serve as the basis for a conversation with Tim Mosso, Mike Manjos, Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi, Alp Sever of Langepedia, and collector Hilal Al Zarooni.


Admission and participation in Dubai Watch Week programs and events can be registered for, with free entrance for all. Adynamic conversation will unfold across all WatchBox social and video channels throughout the week, enabling followers and viewers from any point around the world to join in the experience of horological insight, opinion, and the endless discovery of collectible luxury watches. 





Wednesday, November 24: Collectible Modern Rolex

Rolex: iconic, respected, and coveted by collectors at all points along their horological journey. Discover extraordinary everyday watches, hidden gems, and pieces worthy of end-goal grail status with WatchBox.

Thursday, November 25; The Holy Trinity: A Closer Look at Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Vacheron Constantin

Pillars of traditional Swiss watchmaking, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Vacheron Constantin continue to build their far-reaching legacy through a tradition of innovation and excellence. Explore unique and collectible timepieces from the Holy Trinity and celebrate their mastery and precision with WatchBox.

Friday, November 26: A New Vision for Watchmaking: Embracing Independents

Discover unbridled creativity, striking design codes, and elegance in engineering through WatchBox’s curated collection by brilliant watchmakers and independent brands. 


Saturday, November 27: Beyond Switzerland: Celebrating Non-Swiss Brands + Watchmakers

While many consider a “handmade, mechanical watch” to be synonymous with a “Swiss Made” watch, the mechanical watchmaking craft extends beyond the Swiss borders. Join WatchBox for a celebration of the global watchmaking industry, and discover excellence in technology, design, and finishing – and brands with their own cult followings.


Sunday, November 28: Endless Discovery: Highlights from WatchBox’s Global Inventory

WatchBox presents a showcase of exceptional watches from our global vaults – timepieces by the most respected luxury watch houses, emerging independent brands and watchmakers, discontinued favorites, and more.

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