The Woman Behind Oblique

UAEBeat had the pleasure of interviewing Olesya Petrenko, Oblique Creations Designer and Founder after her fashion show at THAT store in MOE:

I saw the your collection and I can see it’s very casual…

Yeah you know because I need to think about what a real woman wants in real life. Yeah you know so that’s why I need to make two opposite things gel together: beauty and comfort

So basically we can say that this is what inspired you to create this brand?

Yeah it was the concept of practicality. Yes for real women.

How is your brand is different from any other brands?

Our brand  thinks about how to make women comfortable from the morning until evening you know.

What is so unique about your brand?

I think that if I want to describe your brand, in one word, like okay, I think that my brand is inclusive. Inclusive is the word because I’m trying to think about different women not about one special so I tried to create a collection which is good for the skin and the eyes.

How did the pandemic affect you? What did you learn from it?

I think that all of us will change our priorities and learn from this experience. You know, and I think first of all, we need to be together and we need to be near each other.For us, it’s very important to create the pieces after the pandemic because people didn’t spend money clothing they were in lockdown Yeah, but they used to be comfortable you know? Yeah, it’s one of the things that they used to be comfortable because they said okay, so this why it’s only one of our already main ideas became strong. We chose the right way to create a business that is open for every mind and is open for every nationality . We are open we to be here.

Is this your first time here in Dubai?

This is my first time, yes.

What’s your aim? how do you know you have achieved success?

First of all, I need to understand what people need. I need to be near the Middle Eastern woman. I need to propose something, what she needs and what she needs to understand. I saw a lot of nice brands. They’re very strong and there is a lot of nice ideas. But I want women that choose Oblique to be comfortable in any size and any colour.

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