5 casual outfits your kids will love wearing this Ramadan

26th of April 2021, Dubai, UAE: Ramadan is a month of spirituality, a month of giving back and more importantly a month of reflection and catching up with family and friends. As the weather gets breezier and balmier, it is also a great time for the little ones to put those screens away and head outdoors to play.

Max Fashion experts are here to help busy parents choose essentials that cater to all their Ramadan needs, comprising chic, comfortable and colorful outfits for boys and girls. Go for these super adorable outfits to ensure that your kids are living the season to its full:

1. As a stylish parent, you might get tempted to dress your kids based on aesthetics rather than functionality. It is best to choose laid-back casual outfits that don’t interfere with their playing activities. For boys, you can go for printed tees and funky casual shirts as well as cotton bottoms, summer shorts and jeans. Max Fashion’s Ramadan collection offers patterned tees starting at AED 35 – perfect for outings or casual comfortable wear. 

2. Since outdoor fun is all about movements and playing, it would be great to select clothes with classic shapes and fun-filled details.  Whether it be T-shirts, jeans, or pants, pick outfits that won’t stop your child from getting messy. Brightly colored striped tees that are comfortable and stylish are available for AED 25, while khaki pants and traditional blue jeans to complement the tees are on offer for AED 45. 

3. It is important to remember that kids want to run around and have fun, so make sure that the outfit supports that. Girls can look stylish wherever they are with blue jeans paired with a floral printed top for AED 45 – perfect for outings and gatherings alike. 

4. Kids love getting together with their friends and it is always a good idea to choose lightweight outfits. Mums have a unique opportunity to upgrade their daughter’s wardrobe this Ramadan with embroidered tops and dresses – so your little girl can enjoy summer comfort at its finest. Perfect for the warm outdoors, the dress is available for AED 65 and the top is AED 45.

5. Ramadan offers girls many opportunities to shine with elegant florals and bright patterns coming in an array of hues. Max Fashion’s Ramadan collection features tops and dresses in vibrant shades of pinks and blues that are sure to standout.

Max Fashion’s Ramadan collection will help you create exciting looks for those special occasions and moments shared during the season. Log on to www.maxfashion.com to browse and shop.

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