Nadine Chammas hits the No. 1 Charts

with the launches of two successful singles

Nadine Chammas, a Lebanese singer, and a female entrepreneurcelebrates being the number one on the music charts within the region of her two singles “Mesh Bas Hek” and “Khaleek Ijabi”; launched in March and April in 2020. Both the songs aimed at spreading positivity and happiness through the lyrics and video clips. The imprint she is aiming to create within the Arabic Music Industry is to spread positivity and happiness to people through fun and upbeat music. 

Mesh Bas Hek; written by Nadine and composed by her husband Serge Bekhaazi was done to communicate love to a soulmate in many ways. This song brought Nadine to the musical world after a long time and was a transition in her musical style. 

Nadine’s ability to sing in English and Arabic as well as various genres including jazz, blues, classic rock, pop, and oriental Arabic has enabled her to create a unique standing among other new artists in the beginning of her journey. Therefore, she started out her career by uploading onto her YouTube Channel a lot of interesting theatre and stage tips and clips. Those in addition to her song clips; gained a strong popularity on social media platforms with a number of videos going viral and were played by several radio stations in the region. 

Nadine’s second song “Khaleek Ijabi”; written by Nadine and composed by her husband Serge Bekhaazi; showcased a style of music that differentiates her from any other Arabic artist in the region. Her musical interpretation plays on the sentiment of combining fun and cuteness through a unique video that showcases clowns and dance elements with classic shooting; to spread happiness, positivity and being strong through its lyrics and beat.

Her vision extends beyond just doing music as she hopes, through her journey, to inspire others in similar positions or females in specific who have given up on their passion.

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